Social Medias, So Much Easier

Thursday, November 29, I heard on the radio that a couple had called their daughter “Facebook”. That made me think about the question: “Are social medias changing our society?” Of course, they really affect everybody who uses them. They even affect people that don’t use them.

In the first place, it’s easier for people to talk to someone by using social medias instead of talking in person. It’s often the case that people communicate with large groups by using the Internet, but when they are in front of these people or when they just pass them, THEY DON’T EVEN SMILE AT THESE “FACEBOOK FRIENDS.” Talking face-to-face is so hard, of course! We can also take the example of a young couple that goes to a restaurant and doesn’t say a word all night. They only order what they want to eat. They will communicate with each other, but they will by “texting”, “facebooking” and “tweeting.” I’m sure that’s the perfect romantic dinner.

When we are on social medias, we aren’t working, doing our homework or sleeping. Some people who use social medias become addicted. They look at their “wall” on Facebook and their “timeline” on Twitter almost every hour. They do that when they have “free time” that should be used to do something useful, like studying.

Furthermore, people don’t know all of their Facebook friends. They just accept the “friend’s” request, so when they write something on their “status”, a lot of people can see this “status”. When someone “posts” a picture or comments about something on Facebook, all of their Facebook friends can see it, or more.

Also, most social medias are meant for the 18 year-olds or older, but a lot of kids, younger and younger, are creating their own accounts. They don’t know that it could be dangerous. Most of these kids will write too much information about themselves when they create their account. There are a lot of bad people who could see this information. Sometimes, parents don’t know it or they just don’t mind, but they should.

To sum up, I really think that social medias are changing our lives. Even if they make our lives much easier, they can also be dangerous. Everybody can use social medias, but not everybody is paying attention to how they use them.

Catherine Ouellet

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