A Virtual Society

Since social medias were invented, people have not been able to stop talking about them. Whether you like it or not, they are present in almost everybody’s life. That said, are they necessarily changing our society? My answer is yes, they are.

First of all, social medias such as Facebook change the way we meet people. Instead of meeting in person, people meet online, on social media sites. In the documentary “Facebook Follies”, we get to know a married couple that met on Facebook. The girl was bored and decided to send a message to a guy she had found on Facebook, who had the exact same name as hers. They talked, met after a while, and are now happily married.

Secondly, since social medias arrived, people do not write letters anymore. Instead of taking the time to handwrite a letter, they just log on their computer, go on Facebook and write a message on their friend’s “wall.” Actually, statistics show that half of the people in the world have stopped writing letters since social medias made their appearance.

Well, you can see these are two major changes social medias have brought about. Even though they can be practical, I am scared social medias will change how we think and make our society into an all-virtual one.

Dominique Delisle-Godin

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