The Power of Social Media

Did you know that the global average is 130 Facebook friends? Before Facebook you needed to speak with people to become friends, but now you just need to press, “accept.” For some years, social media have been changing our society, our habits and our way to communicate.

In the first place, it is now easier to find someone on Facebook than anywhere else. To illustrate that, assume you want to find an old friend. You could put his name on Google, but it wouldn’t be efficient. Since 800 million people have a Facebook account, your search would be way easier. Before the creation of this social network, you could have looked for this friend for years! Some people have even found long lost siblings using Facebook.

Almost everybody has got a Facebook or a Twitter account; consequently they spend a lot of time on these social media. In fact, Canadians spend nearly 100 minutes on Facebook each week and for some people it’s actually 100 minutes per day. It’s a lot of time that we would have used before, to play outside with friends, to really interact with them. It is now a habit to go on Facebook and look at our friends’ status or to go on Twitter and read the last tweets. We are spending way too much time in front of our computer and not enough in front of our real friends.

To sum up, Facebook and its accomplices are stealing our time, but maybe without them it would be harder to communicate with people around the world. So, yes, social medias are changing our society, it’s just left to us to choose how to use it. Are you able to balance the real world with the virtual world?

Élizabeth Duchesne

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