Facebook Has Changed Our Lives

First of all, about 800 million people have a Facebook account. That’s a lot. In 2012, I think people are exaggerating their use of this website. That’s why I absolutely think there should be some changes.In the first place, we now know everybody’s private lives. For example, I have a cousin who’s always writing publicly what she does, where she does it and with whom she’s doing the activity. She even wrote when her baby did his first poo. Seriously, I didn’t want to know this… Also, I know a girl amongst my Facebook friends that posts photos of herself everyday! I think she likes to see herself and hear people tell her she’s so beautiful and hot… I’m about to delete her.

The reality is that a lot of workers are losing their jobs because they made a huge mistake on Facebook. For example, some people have posted photos of themselves when they were drunk. Some of them are embarrassing, and later their boss has seen these photos. Then, they were fired. Sometimes, you have to pay attention to what you put on this risky website.

To conclude, I really think people are abusing Facebook. And I also think they are wasting their time. I include myself. Perhaps it would have been better if this website hadn’t been been created. At the very least, people need to change the way they interact with this website.

Jade Rancourt-Lizotte

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